Plan endorsed for upgrading unsealed roads
  • Thursday 22 March 2018

Three roads in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland are set to be the first to benefit from council’s new 10-year plan to upgrade unsealed roads that generate low levels of traffic.

Kocho Rd in Image Flat, Creightons Rd south-west of Yandina and Christensens Rd in Hunchy have been allocated funding in the Lower Order Unsealed Roads Upgrade Plan endorsed by council today (March 22).

Kocho Rd will be upgraded this financial year with Creightons Rd and Christensens Rd to follow in 2018/19.

Council has around 500 km of unsealed roads in its network with about 5% classified as lower order unsealed roads under the Unsealed Roads Upgrade Plan.

The lower order roads have experience traffic volumes less than 150 vehicles per day and under previous funding arrangements, were likely to be assessed as a low priority for upgrading under the Unsealed Roads Upgrade Plan 2015- 2035.

The 10-year plan endorsed today provides council with the opportunity to implement a lower cost option for the sealing of low traffic volume roads to a fit-for-purpose standard, without compromising on safety.

There is also the option for residents to provide funding to assist in their road being elevated in the priority listing.