Pet resort no paws for concern
  • Friday 23 September 2011

A proposed commercial boarding kennel facility at Kulangoor has been given the green light by Sunshine Coast Council.

Division 10 Councillor Paul Tatton said a Development Permit for Material Change of Use had been granted to the applicant for the soon-to-be-established facility that is designed to accommodate for up to 55 dogs and 32 cats.

"The dog kennel provides an important community service by providing a quality kennel facility to accommodate community demand," he said.

"There are approximately 43,000 registered cats and dogs on the Sunshine Coast and there are only six commercial kennels so this pet resort will provide a much needed service for the dog and cat owners residing in the central and northern parts of the region.

"The application was subject to impact assessment and public notification resulted in eight submissions opposing the application for a number of reasons including noise and odour issues; environmental concerns and devaluing property values.

"The application was given approval with reasonable and relevant conditions that will ensure the proposed facility mitigates any adverse impacts on surrounding residences and the environmental values of the site."

The facility will be located on a 18.74 ha site, and intends to collect, treat and dispose of waste to avoid environmental harm. The kennel buildings have been designed in accordance with the recommendations of an acoustics report to mitigate potential noise. The applicant also employs the following measures to minimise environmental and noise impacts on adjoining properties:

  • Utilising televisions and/or music when the dogs are indoors to help keep animals calm;
  • Offsetting the internal doors to minimise opportunities for dogs to see one another;
  • Providing toys to help alleviate boredom and reduce barking;
  • Regularly exercising animals in designated, fenced exercise areas that include sand pits, agility equipment and outdoor toys;
  • Providing individual attention to dogs in the form of grooming and feeding twice a day;
  • Implementation of an Operational Management Plan.

The facility intends to minimise odour emissions by incorporating regular cleaning and the buildings would be fully enclosed and ventilated.