Pest survey programs get the nod
  • Friday 03 April 2009

The Sunshine Coast Council this week endorsed four pest survey programs to control outbreaks of declared pests in the region.

The recommendations to approve the programs, in accordance with the Land Protection Act 2002, were supported by council at yesterday’s Ordinary Meeting.

The programs, to run between April 2009 and March 2010, involve surveying declared pests on private property in keeping with the former three councils’ pest management plans. An approved pest survey program enables council officers to enter private property to manage the control of declared pests.

Local governments and residents in Queensland have a shared responsibility to control declared pests on their lands, including groundsel bush, giant ratstail grass, wild dogs and foxes. Council works in cooperation with residents wherever possible to minimise outbreaks and reduce risks to the community.

Without these pest survey programs, declared pest plants and animals could spread throughout the region causing environmental damage, threatening stock and domestic animals, and leading to a loss of biodiversity, agricultural productivity and community amenity.

Council also recommended improved initiatives from the State Government to more effectively deliver pest management programs and will investigate the adequacy of resourcing throughout the region, particularly in regards to public health and any trends linked to lifestyle and climate change.