Protecting our environment from pests
  • Monday 04 April 2016
pest survey program, weeds, weed, singapore daisyTo help protect native and domestic animals and prevent damage to the environment, council officers have started the next Pest Survey Program.

The Pest Survey Program, in accordance with the Land Protection (Pest and Stock Route Management) Act 2002,is designed to raise community awareness and monitor the distribution and spread of declared pest plants and animals across the region.

Council’s Vector and Pest Plant Officers will be carrying out the survey in rural and peri-urban properties throughout the Sunshine Coast Council region to promote best practice treatment of declared pests to landowners and residents, while also monitoring compliance with the Act.

Council will also be auditing and treating local road reserves for declared pest plants to meet its responsibilities under the legislation.

The Pest Survey Program will run until June 30, 2016, with emphasis placed on inspecting the localities of Peachester, Conondale, Eudlo, Hunchy, Mapleton, Reesville, Witta, Weyba Downs, Tanawha and North Arm. Properties over 4000 square metres will be inspected in the above localities.
Council offers a range of services to assist landholders in managing pest plants and animals on their property.

Information can be found on council’s website, including advice on how to combat these invasive species, or by contacting Customer Service on (07) 5475 7272 or email

Residents interested in learning more are also encouraged to attend the upcoming Pest Plant and Animal Field Day Conondale Memorial Sports and Recreation Reserve (Green Park) on Saturday, April 16 from 9am-3pm.

More information on the Field Day can be found on council’s website.