Pathway replacement fit for a king
  • Thursday 02 October 2014

A smoother and safer travel route for pedestrians and cyclists – that’s what’s on the cards for Queen Street at Caloundra.

Sunshine Coast Council is set to replace a stretch of pathway along the northern side of Queen Street. Division 2 Councillor Tim Dwyer said the new 1.8m wide concrete pathway would enable safer access to and from the nearby school.

“This work will take place between 31C and 45 Queen Street which is directly opposite the main entrance to Caloundra Primary School and is a popular route for students and parents travelling to and from the school,” he said.

“The new pathway will be wider than the existing one and enable safer travels for pedestrians and cyclists. All pathways in Queensland are shared between pedestrians, cyclists and other wheeled devices so people using them should remember to keep left and give way to pedestrians.”

More information about shared pathways is available on council’s website under ‘Road Safety’. Construction of the new pathway is scheduled over the current school holiday period. Some property access may be affected for short durations while works are in progress. Council will contact affected residents where necessary to discuss timing for access and parking.

Traffic management measures will be in place to ensure the safety of pedestrians and motorists while works are in progress.