Partnership improves roadside safety and visual appeal
  • Thursday 01 September 2011

Sunshine Coast Council and the Department of Transport and Main Roads today embark on a new approach to managing roadsides across the Sunshine Coast.

Sunshine Coast Council Executive Director of Community Services Coralie Nichols said the partnership would improve the attractiveness and safety of transport corridors across the region.

"Informal car yards, illegal parking and unauthorised advertising on our roadsides have been issues of concern to both levels of government and to the people of the Sunshine Coast," Ms Nichols said.

"Council and the Transport and Main Roads gave a commitment to the community to address the growing problem and this agreement allows council to manage the issue in a consistent manner."

Ms Nichols said council would regulate activities along both the local and state road networks using the same laws, with the cost of regulating the state roads funded by the State Government. 

"As well as improving the look of our coastal strip, the approach will improve the safety and efficiency of our roads by clearing potential hazards," she said.

"Council is undertaking an extensive public awareness campaign, including advertising and preparing educational material to ensure residents have plenty of warning to remove items that don’t belong on the roadside."

Commencing Monday 12 September, council will investigate breaches and attach warning notices to those items that are not permitted in the road corridor. If they are not removed within the timeline identified by council, fines may be issued or the items removed and impounded.

Department of Transport and Main Roads North Coast Regional Director Dennis Tennant said the department was pleased to be a part of a solution to a worrying trend of roads being used for unauthorised activity that benefits only a few while other residents and businesses were doing the right thing.

"By working together, I'm optimistic council and the State Government will be able to ensure the Sunshine Coast continues to be pleasant for locals and visitors alike," Mr Tennant said.

Visit council’s website for further information about the agreement.