Our assistance package to the Premier’s Appeal and fellow councils
  • Tuesday 25 January 2011

Sunshine Coast Council has recommended it boost its initial $20,000 donation to the Premiers Flood Appeal to four times that amount.

A council committee has recommended the sum be increased to $80,000, as a cash component of council’s overall financial and material commitment to the flood response.

In addition to the donation, a services package of some $50,000 in support to other Queensland councils has not only been pledged, it has been rolling out since the impact of the first deluge hit the Rockhampton and Bundaberg regions.

While ensuring we maintain sufficient staff and equipment to restore and maintain our own roadways, buildings and other coast infrastructure, council has responded to calls from South East Queensland councils hit hard by the floods, including Brisbane, Ipswich, Gympie, Somerset, Western Downs and Lockyer Valley.

Mayor Bob Abbot said the donation amount would be increased after recognizing the massive devastation that has become apparent since the original $20,000 contribution.

"This (proposed) amount is the same as this council committed to the Victorian bushfire appeal," he said.

"The new figure has been recommended to next Wednesday’s Ordinary meeting, taking into account a commitment from Rockhampton Regional Council of $50,000 to the Premier’s Appeal, even though parts of their own city have been ravaged by flood waters for more than four weeks."

At the time of writing, council has sent skilled staff and equipment to Chinchilla, Dalby, Gatton and other Lockyer Valley townships, Ipswich, Brisbane, Gympie and the Somerset Council region. This commitment will be ongoing into the foreseeable future.

Council has also recommenced supplying staff volunteers to meet requests from Brisbane City Council.

A bus kindly donated by Budget Rent A Car in Maroochydore has recently been ferrying our volunteers, accompanied by a council truck and crew, a ute and heavy equipment to specific destinations, giving the combined team the ability to completely clear a designated area in a short time – and take the debris away.