Organic leap gives Toads extra kick
  • Friday 07 August 2015
Nambour Toads

It is easy being green – just ask the Nambour Toads!

The Woombye-based Rugby Club is kicking economic and environmental goals aplenty by using locally produced clean technologies at its home ground.

Club President Don Parry said the Toads had leapt ahead of the sporting pack through their clean, green approach.

“The Nambour Rugby Club’s main oval is now ‘organically certified’ by the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia (NASAA) and we’re quite possibly the only sporting club in the country to achieve this status,” he said.

“This is as a result of the club using an organic product on our field that was developed by Agrirem Earthcare. We’ve used it on the main oval for the last three years and it has greatly improved the grass coverage, durability and drainage.”

“Best of all we’re also looking after the health of our players from kids right through to seniors by keeping chemicals and fertilisers off the grounds and also out of Petrie Creek which runs right alongside our club and cops plenty of runoff from the fields during heavy rain.”

Agrirem Earthcare Director Dean Hore said he was proud to play a part in helping the Sunshine Coast become Australia’s most sustainable region.

“Our product contains a mix of live cultures with good healthy bacteria that go to work by drawing carbon out of the atmosphere to where it’s needed – the soil,” he said.

“The Clean Tech industry is such a vital one for the future health and wellbeing of the Sunshine Coast and we’re very proud to play role in helping the Nambour Rugby Club take significant steps to improving the environment in which they operate.”

Economic Development Portfolio Councillor for Clean Technologies Stephen Robinson said the Nambour Rugby Club had set new benchmarks for other local groups and organisations to follow.

“This is an absolutely outstanding initiative by the club to become quite possibly one of the most sustainable sporting clubs in Australia,” he said.     

“It’s also fantastic to know that we have a locally based business like Agrirem doing great things for our Clean Tech industry on the Sunshine Coast and aiming to export their products overseas in the future.”

“One of the key objectives of the Clean Tech Investment Plan now and into the future is reverse the drift of talent, entrepreneurism and business away from the Sunshine Coast and Agrirem is certainly contributing to the strength of this sector.”

Division 5 Councillor Jenny McKay said field maintenance wasn’t the only area in which the  Nambour Rugby Club was tackling environmental excellence.

“The Toads recently installed new LED lighting that runs at $4.06 per hour and enables all of the Sunshine Coast’s junior representatives teams to train on the ground in a cost-effective fashion,” she said.

“Division 10 Councillor Greg Rogerson and I have both provided $5,000 of divisional funding towards the club’s lighting upgrade and the benefits from an environmental point of view are certainly worth every dollar.”