Operation Mary Valley reaching rural residents
  • Friday 14 January 2011

As part of the district disaster recovery phase, Sunshine Coast Council’s Environmental Health Officers are today in the Conondale / Kenilworth area assisting Department of Communities with assessments of the welfare of people following the significant weather event experienced this week.

Mike Lollback, Community Programs Manager said the Environmental Health Officers will provide information to the Department of Communities about people who they feel are in experiencing circumstances that warrant hardship support to help with recovery at this difficult time.

“Like most people on the Sunshine Coast, we know that many of the residents in this area are incredibly resourceful.

“This area however was significantly affected by flooding and now the role of Council’s Environmental Health Officer is examine the area, talk with individuals, assess the circumstances confronting them and ensure that all available support is made accessible to them during this time of need.

“In addition to conducting assessments on behalf of the Department of Communities, the Environmental Health Officers will also make assessments of the damage to roads and other infrastructure, conditions of waterways and gauge the overall condition of council-owned facilities and report back to Council,” he said.

Council will continue to work closely with Department of Communities during this disaster recovery phase to ensure our community does not suffer undue hardship.

Any resident experiencing significant hardship as a result of recent weather events who would like information about how to seek financial or other recovery assistance can contact The Community Recovery hotline on 1800 173 349.