Open space plan for Kunda Park a step closer
  • Thursday 26 February 2015

A report endorsed today paves the way for Sunshine Coast Council to seek State Government approval for 8 Page Street, Kunda Park to become a local park that can also accommodate a community facility.

Division 7 Councillor Ted Hungerford said over the last five years, Council has received several requests by community organisations looking to establish a community facility on Council owned or controlled land.

“Following an extensive search of community land, 8 Page Street, Kunda Park has been identified as suitable land to establish a community purpose facility,” Cr Hungerford said.

“This land is owned by the State Government and Council is a trustee and it is reserved for public open space with the planned primary use will be a local recreational park.

“Development of the park area is consistent with Council’s Sunshine Coast Open Space Strategy 2011 and the Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme 2014.

“Today’s recommendation proposes Council issue a trustee lease area over part of the trust land for community purposes. Council must obtain approval from the State Government before any development can occur on this land.”

Cr Hungerford said if the Concept Plan and the Basic Trust Land Management Plan is accepted by the State Government, Council will then commence an Expression of Interest process and invite community based organisations to apply for tenure.

“A Concept Plan has been prepared to show the proposed layout of both a local park area and the community facility and how the site can be configured to ensure it has the capacity to provide for both a local park and a community facility into the future,” Cr Hungerford said.

“It is proposed that a publicly accessible community garden is developed on site which will assist to activate the local recreational park area.

“It is also proposed that funding is allocated in future Council capital works budget to develop the local park area.

“In addition, building a community facility on the land will also be dependent on a community organisation being able to finance the development approvals and construction of the facility, as well as equipping and running the facility without assistance from Council.”