On your marks, get set… Sport and Active Recreation Plan is off and running
  • Tuesday 08 March 2011

Sunshine Coast Council today endorsed the Sunshine Coast Sport and Active Recreation Plan 2011-2026 that will guide the current and future provision of facilities and services to meet the sport and active recreation needs of the Coast’s diverse communities over the next 15 years.

The new plan is part of council's ongoing 'Our Place Our Future' campaign which aims to develop a strategic approach to planning the future of the region in partnership with the community.

The plan will contribute toward attaining council’s Corporate Plan goals through the themes of health and wellbeing and social cohesion by providing opportunities for improved physical activity, recreation and social interaction for the Sunshine Coast community.

Corporate Planning and Performance Portfolio Councillor Tim Dwyer said sport and active recreation play a major role in the liveability of the region and the health and wellbeing of the community.

“Sport and active recreation are key elements of the lifestyle of Sunshine Coast residents,” Cr Dwyer said.

“It is important that we plan to meet the sport and active recreation needs of the existing and future population while ensuring valuable resources are well managed and protected for future generations.

“Council ran a comprehensive consultation and review program to ensure the ideas, aspirations and concerns of users and wider community members were considered in the plan.”

To ensure the continued success of sport and active recreation across the region, the plan is based on an extensive assessment of community needs, population projections, statutory policies and regulations, as well as being correctly aligned with other key council strategies.

The plan focuses on activities that require legitimate, formal venues and services, where council has a role to play. It excludes non-competitive, passive activities; activities already addressed in council’s 2009 ‘Difficult to Locate’ Sports Study’; activities covered in other recent council strategies; and wholly private sector funded activities.

The Sunshine Coast Sport and Active Recreation Plan 2011-2026 was undertaken concurrently with the Sunshine Coast Aquatics Plan 2011-2026.

The plan also closely aligns with council’s emerging Open Space Strategy which will articulate council’s commitment, role and intent in the provision and embellishment of recreation parks and sports reserves across the region. It provides guidance to the open space framework on the provision, development and management of land and infrastructure for sport.