Oil a big 'no no' in bins
  • Tuesday 06 October 2015

A recent noticeable increase in waste oil filled containers being placed in Sunshine Coast Council’s wheelie bins is having an environmental impact and posing a serious safety risk.

Chair of the Waste Working Group Councillor Jenny McKay said council had major concerns about the potential significant consequences of placing oil in waste bins.

“Waste oil filled containers do not always have secure lids and definitely do not survive the compaction process within the collection truck.  The outcome is that the oil spills or explodes over the cabin of the truck and within the compactor,” Cr McKay said.

“In addition to the environmental impact caused by the oil going to the landfill, there is a significant risk of fire when oil drips onto a hot surface such as the exhaust adjoining the hopper.

“Should a fire occur within the collection vehicle a more significant environmental risk is created when the load is decanted in an emergency situation.

“In such instances, the decanting will not always take place at a secure waste facility where appropriate controls are in place, it may occur on the road way or some other inappropriate location.”

At the end of the day, there is actually no need for waste engine oil to be placed in a wheelie bin at all. Council’s waste facilities accept waste oil without charge for recycling.