Now officially Sunshine Coast Airport
  • Thursday 03 June 2010

Tomorrow, as dawn breaks on the new day, the final stage of a two step process that started about 10 years ago is complete with the airport officially recognised within the aviation industry as Sunshine Coast Airport. Sunshine Coast Airport General Manager, Peter Pallot said the basic premise for the changes being implemented is a long standing convention that the airport name and associated aviation identifiers should reflect the destination it serves.

"The airport has grown in the past 48 years from a small grass landing strip into the gateway airport to the Sunshine Coast, so it’s logical that the name reflects the region and destination it serves," Peter Pallot said.

"Not only does the new name better describe the destination and harmonise with the changes in the Sunshine Coast region, it will remove the confusion often experienced by passengers travelling to the Sunshine Coast when they are destined for places on the coast other than Maroochydore," he said.

"The changes are also intended to be more intuitive for pilots operating to, from or at the airport, since the term Sunshine Coast is more commonly used and understood.

The new International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) designation for Sunshine Coast Airport will be YBSU and the Control Tower will now be called Sunshine Coast Tower.