Nine reasons for a rethink on Caloundra South
  • Thursday 14 April 2011

A helicopter ride over Caloundra South has highlighted why there needs to be a rethink on the Urban Land Development Authority (ULDA) plan for the area.

Planning Portfolio Councillor Russell Green pointed out potential problems the development would create if it goes ahead in its current form.

"This is a development for 50,000 people – and we want more details, proper planning and real consultation," Councillor Green said.

"From the air, the shortcomings of the ULDA plan become obvious.

"The site’s closeness to the Pumicestone Passage reveals why the environmental and water controls need to be tightened.

"The lack of roads and other basic infrastructure shows why an Infrastructure Agreement needs to be in place before work starts on the development.

"The proximity of the proposed development to the highways reinforces why the ULDA needs to adopt Council’s plan for a 200 metre buffer."

In all there are nine main reasons for concern when you compare the recently released ULDA plan with the plan Council delivered last year.

Sunshine Coast Council Plan

Urban Land Development Authority Plan

Strict environmental and water protection controls, including development no-go zones

Loose rules on the environment and water

A traffic plan which addresses congestion issues

A traffic plan which will cause major congestion in Pelican Waters and surrounding suburbs

Defined 100 metre environmental buffer zones

Buffer zones compromised by urban infrastructure

Would only be signed after an Infrastructure Agreement was in place to guarantee roads, parks and community land

Will be approved in October whether or not there’s a sound Infrastructure Agreement in place

Flood model which would accommodate and enhance natural creek systems

Flood model which concentrates on extensive man made channels

Defined 200 metre buffer zones between housing and the highway to maintain the scenic amenity and character of the Sunshine Coast

No defined buffer zones between housing and highway

An overall plan for parks and community centres

Ad hoc approach to parks and community centres

A plan developed within the context of the community’s aspirations for the Sunshine Coast

Scant regard for past consultation and adopted Sunshine Coast community strategies

Green space buffer to protect Caloundra Aerodrome from potentially incompatible development in Caloundra South.

Security for the growth and economy of the adjoining Caloundra Aerodrome can not be guaranteed.

On 5 October last year the future planning outcomes for the Sunshine Coast were dealt a severe blow.

It was on that day the State Government stripped the Sunshine Coast of its planning powers for the Caloundra South development near the Pumicestone Passage and gave them to the unelected Urban Land Development Authority (ULDA).

If you want to send a message to the state government, the state opposition and the ULDA go to