New water business to service the Sunshine Coast
  • Wednesday 20 January 2010

A new, independently-run business to supply water and sewerage services on the Sunshine Coast is aiming to boost efficiencies by joining forces with our neighbouring region.

The company, to be owned by the Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay Regional councils, will be up and running in the first half of this year.

It will be one of three new water entities established under the state government’s water reform initiatives for South East Queensland.

The name of the new business will be unveiled next week and water users in the two regions will receive the first of their new water accounts from July 1.

Sunshine Coast Deputy Mayor Tim Dwyer and Moreton Bay Mayor Allan Sutherland outlined the new arrangements after Brisbane consumers began receiving bills from their new water entity last week.

Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay councils are now in the process of separating their water and waste water businesses from council operations and combining their infrastructure and technical expertise to form the new entity.

Cr Dwyer and Mayor Sutherland said merging their assets and skills would offer increased efficiencies and provide opportunities for ongoing improvements to the management of water and sewerage across the two regions.

“The new venture will be dealing with critical services, the management of significant assets and continuing the program to cope with forecast population growth,” they said.

“There will be a period of transition before this process is complete and we need to ensure that all customers are fully informed about the new company, its role and the new billing arrangements before the accounts are issued.

“We will be rolling out an awareness campaign over the next few months to introduce all customers in our regions to their new water provider.”