Out with the old and awkward…
  • Friday 14 October 2016

Do you have some large, bulky or awkward items cluttering up your home?

Sunshine Coast Council has launched a new online directory to assist residents to get rid of their unwanted waste quickly and easily while also supporting local businesses.

“The large household item waste collection directory on council’s website has been established with the intent of assisting residents find local suppliers offering collection services for unwanted household items that are difficult to move,” Environment Portfolio Councillor Jenny McKay said.

“So if you are about to undertake a full spring clean of your home or simply have one old, bulky piece of unwanted furniture overstaying its use-by and taking up valuable space, this online service might be exactly what you need.

“I also encourage local Sunshine Coast waste collection businesses to check out the new online directory listing and be sure to add their own details for free.”

Fast Facts

There are four main categories of service providers offering bulky item collection services in the Sunshine Coast area:

  • charitable organisations
  • waste removal companies
  • skip bin companies
  • garden waste companies.

They all advertise their respective services in places such as the Yellow Pages, local newspapers, Internet and Local Search.