New York Street artists’ film to be shown at Arthouse Cinema Nambour
  • Friday 29 May 2015
New York Street Artists’ film

Council’s Arthouse Cinema Nambour proudly presents the revered and reviled Banksy Does New York film on Thursday, June 4 at 7pm.

From early days in the back streets, to having the world as his stage, the famously anonymous Banksy has captured the globes attention with his captivating creations.

A film that poses the raw passion behind Banksy’s street art, Banksy Does New York will leave you in awe as you witness him and his team secretly create a variety of public work ranging from elaborate conceptual stunts to traditional graffiti art.

Constantly evading a citywide search by the NYPD, Banksy’s work created a public response that was an equal mix of reverence and derision. From a Central Park stand where priceless originals were anonymously sold for $60, to a junkyard in Queens; New York City served as the canvas for this street art vigilante.

A fellow friend and street artist, Shepard Fairey says Banksy “has a gift: an ability to make almost anyone very uncomfortable. He doesn't ignore boundaries; he crosses them to prove their irrelevance."

In the film, Banksy takes to the streets of New York as his city-wide exhibit, while at the same time illustrating to fans a vibrant portrait of the city itself.

Bursting with colour, exploding with creativity, and loaded with passion, your perception of street art will be transformed in this film, Banksy Does New York.

Tickets are $14 for adults, $11 for concession and full-time students and $9 for Film Club Members, children and groups of eight or more.

To book, please call the venue on 5475 7755 or visit

The Nambour Civic Centre is located on the upper level of the C-Square complex, 52 – 64 Currie Street, Nambour.  Parking is available via Mill Street across from the Coles Supermarket.