New Sunshine Coast disaster plan rated ‘best practice’
  • Thursday 25 February 2016
SES member using chainsaw to help with storm clean up

The Sunshine Coast community can now access a new Disaster Management Plan after it was formally endorsed by council today.

The revised Sunshine Coast Council Local Disaster Management Plan 2015-18 builds on the previous plan which was a carryover from the pre-deamalgation council and still accommodated Noosa council.

Both councils will now have their own specific disaster management plans and have signed a memorandum of understanding to continue to provide each other with disaster assistance if required.

Local Disaster Management Group Co-ordinator Andrew Ryan said the plan’s primary focus was to ensure the safety of the Sunshine Coast community.

“It aims to preserve lives and prevent injuries, to mitigate property damage and to protect our environment,” Mr Ryan said.

“Our community can have a high level of confidence that we are well prepared to effectively manage any disaster and emergency situation.

“The plan identifies council as having an active role in disaster management and supports a comprehensive approach to disaster management, by means of prevention, preparedness, response and recovery, in close partnership with the community and other key agencies.

“It identifies actions that can be taken to ensure an effective and coordinated response to a disaster event and provides guidance to facilitate a speedy recovery and return to a safe and secure environment as soon as possible after a disaster.

“The plan also integrates federal and state disaster management arrangements and details how the district group can best provide assistance as and when required.”

A recent external audit of the plan by the Office of the Inspector General Emergency Management showed that the Sunshine Coast plan exceeded the Queensland average score in every assessment category, making it a best practice document for use during emergency and disaster events.

Following today’s endorsement, the Plan will be distributed to key agencies and partners and will be made available in hard copy to the public through council’s libraries.

It will also be published on council’s Disaster Hub website and be available to the public, via request, in electronic form.