New Council publication to Encompass all residents!
  • Saturday 06 September 2008

The Sunshine Coast Council has produced a new regional publication called Encompass to provide residents with a complete picture of the Council’s direction and vision. It details future projects and events that will shape the Coast, and provides a vehicle for community discussion and feedback.

Mayor Bob Abbot said the Council is dedicated to being open and transparent to the Sunshine Coast community.

“We hope Encompass is just one tool that will allow us to achieve this transparency within Council,” the Mayor said.

"We are taking the first steps in striving to be Australia’s most sustainable region – green, vibrant, diverse; and many projects we’ve already started that reflect this vision are detailed in the publication.”

To ensure residents get a clear picture of what’s happening regionally, as well as in their local area, four versions of Encompass have been produced - Northern, Eastern, Western and Southern. The 12 outer pages of each version are the same (regional information); the inner 12 page lift-out focuses on local issues for each of the four areas.

Distribution of Encompass to all residents of the Sunshine Coast will commence on Saturday 6 September and should be complete by Friday 12 September. Copies will be available at all Council Community Service Centres and Libraries, and it will also be available to view online at Council’s website from Monday 8 September.