New stormwater filters help keep Maroochy River healthy
  • Wednesday 17 June 2015

Council will this week start installing vital custom built stormwater infrastructure on Cornmeal Parade to protect the environmental values of Cornmeal Creek and Maroochy River.

Division 8 Councillor Jason OPray said the stormwater filter would treat diverted stormwater before discharging it into Cornmeal Creek.

“This stormwater filter, although you won’t see it once installed, is a significant piece of infrastructure that will help protect the precious Maroochy River,” Cr OPray said.

“These Maroochydore streets are designed to cope with a lot of stormwater at times, as we witnessed during the recent flooding brought about by ex-Tropical Cyclone Marcia.

“This new infrastructure will substantially improve our stormwater treatment process to ensure we continue to maintain healthy waterways.

“This is one of two stormwater filters Council is installing in Maroochydore to protect the river this year – we’re installing another one on Fourth Ave.

“These filters are just two of many ‘behind the scenes’ projects in council’s Capital Works Program that help keep our infrastructure and environment in great shape.”

Cr OPray said Council worked with nearby businesses to provide alternate parking while some car parks on Cornmeal Parade are unavailable during construction.

“There will be no nett loss of parking spaces during construction. The majority of parking on Cornmeal Parade will be available, and Council has reconfigured the car park to minimise the loss there as much as possible.

“We’ve also worked with nearby businesses to provide alternate parking for their staff.

“We’re aiming to complete this project as quickly as possible to minimise inconvenience, and I’d like to thank everyone in advance for their patience during works.

“All car parks will be reinstated once work is completed in 12 weeks, weather permitting.

“While there will be some inconvenience, I’m sure most people will agree we need to do everything we can to protect our beautiful waterways.”

Fast facts

  • These filters can each treat at least 440L of stormwater per second and prevent about 5 tonnes of pollutants from entering the waterways each year.
  • The filter at Cornmeal Pde will be made up of over 10 tonnes of concrete and steel.
  • The filter at Fourth Ave will be made up of 48 tonnes of concrete and steel, and could fit three smart cars stacked on top of each other inside the unit.