New dog park open for pets to enjoy
  • Monday 22 October 2018
Landsborough dog off-leash park

Residents of Landsborough and surrounds now have a dedicated area to exercise their four-legged friends, with the new fenced dog off-leash area on Caloundra Street now open.

Division 1 Councillor Rick Baberowski said the council dog park was designed to stay in character with Landsborough’s country town look and feel.

“The park is equipped with a reasonable range of non-urban looking agility equipment such as rocks and natural elements to allow it to blend into its woodland setting,” Cr Baberowski said.

“In addition to providing increasingly needed opportunities for owners to socialise and exercise their dogs, the dog park also makes good use of an otherwise unused easement, at the same time as complementing the excellent woodlands entry into the township of Landsborough and beyond.

“The dog park is also not a great distance from the incredibly popular all-abilities playground of Pioneer Park, which has recently received significant upgrades, so this area now offers an even better range of recreational opportunities.

“The dog park has two interconnected fenced areas, one catering for medium to large dogs and one more suited to small dogs.

“The main larger area has plenty of space for dogs to run, exercise over and under the new agility equipment or simply chase a ball over a reasonable distance.

“The small dog area has more shade and seating amenity for what may be a higher proportion of older owners.”

The project also included new car parking and extended walkways to provide easy access to the park.