So You Think You Can Recycle?
  • Friday 28 October 2016

Sunshine Coast residents  successfully diverted 101,296 tonnes from landfill in 2015/2016 with 39% of all waste generated recycled. While this is a great effort, together we can do even better.

Planet Ark’s National Recycling Week (November 7 – 13) highlights the many opportunities for improvements in waste reduction and recycling for Sunshine Coast residents.

Environment Portfolio Councillor Jenny McKay said Sunshine Coast Council was helping educate residents by holding a free Recycle Right Open Day on November 12, 9.30-11.30am at the Waste2Resource Education Centre where everything there was to know about recycling would be revealed.

“Many Sunshine Coast residents believe they are recycling right, but there are still a number of questions and a lot of confusion in the mix,” Cr McKay said.

A new report from Planet Ark, titled So You Think You Can Recycle?, features the Golden Rules of Recycling that tackle the most common recycling conventions to help clear up confusion.

“Be sure to come along to council’s Recycle Right Open Day where you will have all your big recycling questions answered and also learn many more sustainability tips and tricks along the way,” Cr McKay said.

“Plus, you’ll gain an insight into the amazing journey our recyclables take from the time they’re collected from our homes by the recycle  trucks.”

For more information about recycling right on the Sunshine Coast, including videos, guides and fact sheets, visit council’s website.

Recycle Right Open Day

Date: Saturday, November 12

Time:  9:30 - 11:30am

Location: Waste 2 Resource Education Centre at Nambour Landfill and Resource Recovery Centre, Cooney Rd, Nambour.

Details: The free community event includes interactive presentation, morning tea, truck demonstration and Landfill and Resource Recovery Centre tour. Bookings are essential – visit council’s website or call 54757272 to secure your spot.

*Fully enclosed footwear must be worn

Fast facts – the Golden Rules are:

  • Stay Loose: Recycling goes into the bin loose – never in a plastic bag, and keep other soft plastic out too.
  •  Easy does it: Simple materials like paper, cardboard, glass jars and bottles, metal cans and aerosols, cartons and rigid plastics are easy to recycle and accepted in almost all kerbside collections.
  •  Into the Garbage: Crockery, window and drink-ware glass, polystyrene, plastic bags, nappies and food are the big baddies in the recycling.
  • Keep It Clean-ish: Recycling does not need to be spotless – just scrape of solid food and give it a quick rinse.
  • Drop ‘Em Off: Kerbside systems cannot separate items like mobiles, computers, batteries and printer cartridges – find local drop off services.
  • If in doubt: Leave it out! Putting the wrong thing in the wrong bin can ruin your good recycling efforts.
  • Buy it Back: Look for recycled products, like Planet Ark Paper and Naturale Toilet Tissue to close the recycle cycle.