Nambour needs State commitments to help it reach its full potential
  • Tuesday 31 October 2017

Sunshine Coast Mayor Mark Jamieson has asked all Nicklin State election candidates to clearly outline their plans for Nambour and the hinterland, given the seat’s two major assets – Nambour General Hospital and Nambour Railway Station – are State-owned and operated.

“What is your solution for the Nambour General Hospital to ensure it is used to its full capacity and staffed accordingly and what is your plan to upgrade Nambour Railway Station and duplicate the North Coast Rail Line between Beerburrum and Nambour?” Mayor Jamieson asked.

“What are your economic and industrial development plans for job creation?

“What are you committing to, what is your party committing to, how much money are you committing and when will it be delivered?

“Those are the questions the media and our residents should pose to the election candidates and their parties.

“The sitting State Member for Nicklin, Peter Wellington, has had two unique opportunities to influence government, helping former Premier Peter Beattie form a Labor minority government in 1998 and giving his support for supply to Labor’s Annastacia Palaszczuk in 2015.

“What has Mr Wellington done in almost 20 years in government to deliver the North Coast Rail Line duplication? What has he done to secure Nambour General Hospital’s future, including transforming to new health and hospital services, investment in restructuring and refurbishment and staff increases?

“What plan does he and the Labor Government have to deliver vital services and critical transport infrastructure to Nicklin?

“There is no plan that has been publicly released.

“Instead Mr Wellington, who is retiring on a generous parliamentary pension following his term as speaker, opposed the Sunshine Coast Airport expansion and opposed the Sunshine Coast Solar Farm – two game-changing projects which will benefit our ratepayers and residents for generations to come.”

Mayor Jamieson was disappointed that recent media commentary from LNP candidate Marty Hunt focused council issues, rather than what he has planned for Nicklin.

“If you want to talk about council issues, you are in the wrong election,” Mayor Jamieson said. “This is not a council election.

“This is a State Government election and the candidates and their parties need to focus on those issues the State Government is responsible for – the hospital, public transport, the railway duplication and economic development initiatives in the health and education sectors, to name a few.

“To do otherwise shows neither you nor your party have a plan for Nambour and the hinterland. Our community wants to see those plans, as it does of all candidates.

“It’s time for Sunshine Coast to get a fairer share of funding from the State and it’s time all State election candidates and their political parties made firm commitments to improve the region’s connectivity and contribute to the future prosperity of the region and, ultimately, the State.”