Nambour – Getting Back on Track
  • Wednesday 25 September 2013

Sunshine Coast Council and the Nambour Heritage Tram Group are preparing to welcome Petrie, the locomotive from Bundaberg, to Nambour on Tuesday 24 September.

All eyes will be skyward as Petrie is lifted from a truck onto temporary tracks between the Old Mill Manager’s house and the new Coles.

Division 10 Councillor Greg Rogerson said the arrival of Petrie is an exciting step towards bringing life back to the tram tracks through Nambour.

“Bundaberg Sugar has gifted the loco to Sunshine Coast Council and the train will be open for the community to inspect at the same time as they are checking out the new Coles,” Cr Rogerson said.

“It’s an exciting time for Nambour, it’s all part of the Nambour Getting Back on Track campaign that I’ve been working on with the Nambour Heritage Tram Group and Nambour Alliance.”

Chair, Nambour Heritage Tram Group, Paul Moriarty is hoping that a lot of locals will come along and blow the whistle and have a look at Petrie on Wednesday 25 September and Saturday 28 September.

“This is a chance for locals to have their say about the possibility of bringing the tram tracks through Nambour back to life,” Mr Moriarty said.

“The good old days of the cane tram rattling through town are gone and now it’s time to consider a new purpose for the tracks.

“The Nambour Heritage Tram Group has a group of dedicated members who have come up with a number of different tram options for town.

“People can come and have a look at the different styles of tram available and vote for the one they like the best.

“There is still a lot of work to do before we get an actual tram up and running and Petrie will give locals a taste of what they can expect further along the track (pardon the pun).

“Getting Nambour back on track is more than just about reactivating the tram tracks, it’s about creating a momentum and a vibrancy in the town to highlight all that Nambour has to offer both for locals and visitors to the area.”