Music Festival now punching above its own weight
  • Tuesday 03 February 2015
Caloundra Music Festival

The Caloundra Music Festival has come of age following its 2014 event.

A council financial report showed that, after eight years of continuous building, the festival is now carrying its own weight and has started returning revenues back to council.

Figures presented at last week’s council Ordinary Meeting showed it was performing $178,000 better than budget.

Division 2 councillor Tim Dwyer, in whose division the festival takes place, said it was great news the festival had reached this new point, following more than 30,000 people attending the 2014 event – a new record in attendance figures.

“As the music festival has progressed its financial results have got better and better,” he said.

“Events such as these do not produce returns overnight, but if you persevere, learn from each event, and make sure you have the best people in charge, you get there.

“The Sunshine Coast already has an enviable reputation in managing and growing sports events such as triathlons – the Caloundra Music Festival is the major weapon in our tourism armoury to show that we are pretty good at arts events too,” Cr Dwyer said.

Cr Dwyer also emphasised the significance of Coast-hosted events such as the festival in economic terms, as they draw thousands of dollars from elsewhere into the coffers of our region’s local businesses.

“Major events such as the festival not only generate income for the region from outside – they also showcase the location of the event from a tourism viewpoint – in this case, Caloundra,“ he said.