Murri Stylin’ at Nambour Library
  • Saturday 07 February 2009

Mayor Bob Abbot will address the community next Tuesday at a visual presentation of local Indigenous art concepts to ‘Murri style’ Nambour Library.

Project Murri Stylin’ is the result of Sunshine Coast Council’s library staff working closely with the local Indigenous community to find out how they would like to see their culture reflected in the community.

The project, which commenced in August 2008 with a grant from the Regional Arts Development Fund, focussed on determining design concepts for cultural artwork for display in Nambour Library, through collective agreement.

All this activity climaxes at Tuesday’s final gathering where the community will have the opportunity to view an audio-visual presentation of the many varied and exciting Indigenous design ideas that the project has generated.

Computer simulation will show how some of these designs would look in Nambour Library.

The Murri Stylin’ presentation commences at 4pm and is open to all members of the community. Refreshments will be served.