More details, proper planning and real consultation
  • Saturday 09 April 2011

The Pumicestone Passage risks becoming a shadow of its former self under a plan for a major development near the iconic waterway, which will house 50,000 people.

Sunshine Coast Council is so concerned it’s launched a campaign against the proposal by the State Government’s Urban Land Development Authority (ULDA).

Planning Portfolio Councillor Russell Green said the people of the Sunshine Coast deserve better than the half-baked blueprint put forward for Caloundra South.

"The State Government’s ULDA has released the mother of all motherhood statements and called it a plan," Councillor Green said.

"The full page ads in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast papers are about making people aware of this dodgy ULDA document.

"We want more details, proper planning and real consultation to replace the vague promises, poor planning and hollow community engagement.

"We can’t risk the future of the Pumicestone Passage just because the State Government can’t be bothered to get the planning right for Caloundra South*. (see attachment)

On October 5 last year the future planning outcomes for the Sunshine Coast were dealt a severe blow.

It was on that day the State Government stripped the Sunshine Coast of its planning powers for the Caloundra South development near the Pumicestone Passage and gave them to the unelected Urban Land Development Authority.

Today the people of the Sunshine Coast are fighting back.

If you want to send a message to the state government, the state opposition and the ULDA go to