Montessori on the move
  • Thursday 20 December 2012

Sunshine Coast Council has approved a development application for the relocation of the Montessori International College to Maroochydore Road, Forest Glen.

Montessori’s new school campus will include a school and early learning centre for 420 students and 36 staff and a building for residential boarding of 24 students.

Acting Executive Director Regional Strategy and Planning, Julie Edwards said the new development meets council’s commitment to building a sustainable economy, community and environment on the Coast.

“Montessori incorporated numerous sustainable design principles into the development application which is in keeping with their educational philosophy,” Ms Edwards said.

“The Montessori curriculum emphasises the importance of place - where the natural and built aspects of the campus form part of the educational experience.

“The school proposed to conserve vegetation and rehabilitate approximately 40% of the subject site, to be self-sufficient for water supply and to actively recycle its waste.”

Ms Edwards said the school investigated over 200 other sites, and the approved location was identified as the best site to serve both the needs of the school and the requirements of council.

“Potential issues with the application were identified early in the assessment process and we have been able to avoid the need to make requests for additional information. That’s meant the overall assessment timeframe was significantly reduced,” she said.

“It’s anothertep on the path to cutting red tape for development on the Coast – it’s a great outcome for the school and the community.”

Montessori International College Principal, Chiray Fitton said for many years, she wondered if she would ever get the chance to announce that the college has a beautiful new site to call their own.

“Thanks to the successful development application the College can set sail on a remarkable voyage that will present innumerable opportunities for learning,” Ms Fitton said.

“The voyage will reveal an extraordinary campus filled with verve, authenticity and beauty. The campus and community will be a bright beacon for Montessori education.”