Moffat Beach showers scrub up
  • Tuesday 17 September 2013

Cleaning up after a day at Moffat Beach is now a far more pleasant experience thanks to Sunshine Coast Council’s refurbishment of the public showers.

Division 2 Councillor Tim Dwyer said the revamped facilities were more functional and cost effective as well as being more visually appealing.

“This is a very high use public shower and so it was important for council to ensure the facility was safe, pleasant, functional, cost-effective and hardy,” he said.

“A ‘before and after’ of the shower and its surroundings clearly shows that we’ve achieved our objectives and most importantly the local beachgoers and surfers who use this facility are extremely happy with the outcome.”

Improvements to the Moffat Beach showers include:

  • New plumbing, taps, shower heads and pipe work that is protected from weather and vandalism
  • Replaced copper log posts with new hardwood timber posts
  • Relocated foot wash tap so people don’t have to wait to wash their feet
  • Rendered the shower wall
  • New retaining wall on the eastern side of the shower to retain the soil
  • New stainless / hardwood towel rail
  • Replaced the pine deck with a sealed hardwood deck to prevent rotting
  • New rubber non-slip matting installed
  • New drainage installed behind the shower wall.

Before and after photos of the Moffat Beach showers are available on request.