Mayor to promote Sunshine Coast investment opportunities
  • Thursday 17 August 2017
Mayor Mark Jamieson

Sunshine Coast Mayor Mark Jamieson will showcase some of the region’s major investment opportunities and pursue new opportunities to attract smart businesses to the region as part of an upcoming international investment mission.

The three-week investment mission supports commitments in the Regional Economic Development Strategy and is part of Council’s plan to encourage job creating investment in the Sunshine Coast’s seven high-value industries.

Mayor Jamieson will visit the United Kingdom, The Netherlands and Israel.  He will then join the Council of Mayors South East Queensland delegation at the Asia Pacific Cities Summit in Daejeon in South Korea to promote the Sunshine Coast in this key market.

“The investment mission is a follow-up visit to the investment missions I undertook in 2015 and 2016, which generated substantial international interest in projects like the Sunshine Coast Airport when we went to market in June last year to secure a commercial partner” Mayor Jamieson said.

“Similarly, the promotion of the Sunshine Coast to over three million households through South Korea’s leading travel and tourism program and the interest we have secured from the John Holland Group in the Maroochydore City Centre can all be traced back to these previous investment missions.

“The Sunshine Coast offers the perfect mix for discerning institutional and commercial property investors as well as the opportunity to be involved at the ground level in some of the most exciting property, infrastructure and business developments in Australia at this time.

“Australia is widely regarded as a safe and stable location for investment and offering good returns, so I am determined to ensure we are at the front of the queue when investors are looking at opportunities in Australia.

“New investment generates new businesses, which in turn offers more enduring employment opportunities for our residents and helps to deliver new facilities and services to meet the needs of our communities.

“At the end of the day, our community is the winner when we attract new investment to our region.”

Mayor Jamieson will visit Israel for the first time to find out more about that country’s approach to driving the development of one of the world’s leading technology sectors and encouraging start-ups and digital solutions development.

“There is much we can learn from Israel for our plans to diversify our Sunshine Coast economy and deliver Australia’s first truly smart city – which can only benefit our current and future generations,” he said.

“Per capita, Israel has the largest number of start-up companies in the world, it is ranked number two in the world behind the United States for venture capital funds, has the world’s third highest rate of entrepreneurship and has more NASDAQ listed companies than any other country beside the United States and China.

“It also has the highest rate of entrepreneurship in the world among women and people over-55 – which are some of the targets we would like to emulate here on the Sunshine Coast.”

Mayor Jamieson will also be undertaking discussions with the Herzliya Municipal Government on the central coast of Israel on areas for mutual cooperation – particularly around digital industries development and access to new markets for our local businesses.

Whilst in the United Kingdom, Mayor Jamieson will be joining with Team Scotland to make an important announcement about the Sunshine Coast associated with the 2018 Commonwealth Games.  Team Scotland has already committed to undertaking pre-games training on the Sunshine Coast.

Mayor Jamieson will also renew Council’s existing Friendship Agreement with Fenland District Council in Cambridgeshire, some 20 years after the signing of the original agreement.

“This Friendship Agreement came about in recognition of the heroic efforts of young Nambour pilot Jim Hocking, who gave his own life in 1944 to save the town of March in Fenland”, Mayor Jamieson said.

“There is a close historical bond between our two communities.  Jim’s legacy is protected and memorialised in March and reinforced by the friendship between our two cities”.

Mayor Jamieson will also hold talks with representatives of Cambridge University in relation to areas for potential collaboration, as well as briefing leading fund managers and commercial property investors in London in relation to the investment opportunities available in the Maroochydore City Centre.

“We need to remember that London remains one of the top three global financial markets and with the Brexit process now underway, the opportunities that could emerge for United Kingdom investors and businesses to look seriously at Australian locations like the Sunshine Coast need to be presented to them”.

The investment mission, which is part of the Sunshine Coast International Missions Program, will run from August 25 to September 12.