Mayor Jamieson - Celebrating our 50th anniversary
  • Friday 12 August 2016

There are probably not too many people on the Sunshine Coast who know why the Hotel Caloundra, or CBX as it is these days, plays such an important part in our region's history.

It was at the Bulcock St pub where the local branch of the Real Estate Institute of Queensland coined the name “Sunshine Coast” which then, in 1967, became the official identity for our region.

It was also at CBX where I recently had the honour of the ringing the pub's old bell to signal the start of the one-year countdown to the 50th Anniversary of the Naming of the Sunshine Coast - a significant milestone and a chance for us to reflect on our rich and vibrant history.

During our 50th Anniversary year in 2017 we will celebrate our identity as a region and pay tribute to our community members and groups who have helped to shape us along the way.

We'll also look forward to a very bright future for our region.

I'd invite you to join the festivities, have a look at our anniversary grants program and celebrate what makes our Sunshine Coast so great.

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- This column first appeared in My Weekly Preview's August 5 edition