Mayor Jamieson - Broadband submarine cable update
  • Saturday 31 October 2015

Since Council revealed its plans to attract a broadband submarine cable to the region, we have received a hugely positive response from local businesses, digital experts and representatives from all tiers of government.

Just over a week before he became Prime Minister, we were able to brief then Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull on our desire to seek the declaration of a cable protection zone off-shore from the Sunshine Coast.

Mr Turnbull was very supportive of our project and it undoubtedly helps our cause that he saw first-hand the excitement it had generated, particularly in the Sunshine Coast business community.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has also provided her Government’s full support for our application and has communicated this to the Prime Minister and the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

This cable would connect Queensland directly with the world – and would potentially change the face of the Sunshine Coast and south-east Queensland economies, forever.

We would become the closest digital connection point in Australia to the leading markets of Asia and the United States.

It will provide milli-seconds of advantage and significantly improved speed and bandwidth from Australia – all from this point on the Sunshine Coast.

It would provide a magnet for technology businesses, finance and banking operations and businesses that depend on high volumes of online transactions.

This will light up all of south-east Queensland – home to one in seven Australians – and reduce Queensland’s reliance on terrestrial connections to Sydney.

In effect, this will provide the platform from which we can establish the equivalent of a Silicon Valley here on the Coast.

This is right in line with our economic development strategy of targeting seven high-value industries that offer the best opportunities for growth.

We believe we can convince ACMA that there is no other decision that it can make. That it must support Council’s submission and agree to commence the process to declare a cable protection zone here off the Sunshine Coast.

This process will include extensive public consultation and all stakeholders will have the opportunity to have input.

The cable route will be defined to minimise impacts for the shipping, commercial and recreational fishing and dive industries.

We look forward to receiving a positive outcome from ACMA in the near-future.