Mayor Jamieson - Benefits for our environment
  • Thursday 26 October 2017

We all love our Sunshine Coast environment and in the past year, thanks to the Environment Levy, we have been able to invest $10 million in our natural surroundings.

If you haven't checked it out, I invite you to go to council's website and take a look at the interactive Environment Levy Annual Report which does a great job in telling the story of how we are protecting and enhancing what we have here in our region.

Much of the work is undertaken by dedicated volunteers in a range of groups and council programs.

In 2016-17, there were 97 landholders on the Coast who received a total of $304,000 in Landholder Environment Grants for natural resource management projects on privately owned properties.

We have more than 900 Land for Wildlife properties where the property owners are managing and restoring almost 10,000 hectares of habitat.

Just over half a million dollars went to 22 community groups dedicated to the environment and conservation.

This is just a small snapshot of how the Environment Levy is helping our region.

It's a great investment in our future.

- This column first appeared in My Weekly Preview on October 26, 2017