Maroochy North Shore’s village vision retained
  • Thursday 24 July 2008

The new Sunshine Coast Council has voted unanimously to retain the current agricultural designation of the floodplain between the Sunshine Motorway and Twin Waters instead of allowing it to be used for residential development.

At Monday’s Special Meeting to finalise its submission to the first review of the State Government’s SEQ Regional Plan, the council has given its clearest indication yet that the flood plains are a no-go zone for residential development.

Division 8 councillor Debbie Blumel said that she felt a great sense of relief to have achieved this key election pledge after only four months in office.

“It is vitally important that we no longer approve residential development on the flood plains,” Cr Blumel said.

Cr Blumel also praised her fellow councillors for their demonstrated commitment to sustainable development throughout the new Sunshine Coast Grown Management Position Paper adopted on Monday.

“Many councillors were elected on platforms of sustainable development and that is clearly reflected in the position paper,” Cr Blumel said.

At Monday’s Special Meeting, council also confirmed its intention to limit the scale of commercial development on the Maroochy North Shore to the level of Local Activity Centre. The previous council was in the process of changing the scale to a District Activity Centre which could have increased threefold the scale and density of commercial activity in the area.

Cr Blumel said that she was encouraged by the decision which supports her pre-election promise to constituents to retain a village lifestyle for the area.

“I spoke with many local people before the election and their wish was for the Maroochy North Shore to retain small village clusters surrounded by green buffer zones,” Cr Blumel said. “They want villages, not urban and commercial sprawl.

“The Maroochy North Shore will be small business heaven. Small business owners and operators can feel confident to invest in the renewal of local shops, street frontages and customer facilities,” Cr Blumel said.

Cr Blumel will be working closely with the newly formed North Shore Traders Association to ensure council’s ongoing support for them with street-scaping, pathways and community facilities.

The council’s Grown Management Position Paper will be refined to reflect the changes made at Monday’s Council Meeting before being sent to the State Government. It will then also be made available on council’s website for public perusal.