Local businesses benefit from a $169 million council spend
  • Monday 25 August 2014
Council buys local

Sunshine Coast businesses have benefited from council’s commitment of working towards a sustainable economy with $169 million spent locally last financial year.
Deputy Mayor and finance portfolio councillor Chris Thompson said the figure represented 69.5% of council’s total active purchasing going to local businesses.
And in the final quarter alone, council spent $43 million locally.
“Sourcing goods and services locally is crucial to the business community here on the Sunshine Coast and council is committed to spending locally to help them grow and prosper,” Cr Thompson said.
“That figure of $169 million represents a conscious decision by council to choose to buy local goods and services to ensure we circulate money within our Sunshine Coast economy.
“As well as our commitment to local business, council also acknowledges there are other benefits to purchasing locally, such as saving time and money on transport.
“The ratepayer and the community as a whole are the ultimate winners from this policy. As our economy grows, so too do job opportunities, and that flows on to greater spending power.”
Cr Thompson said council apportioned part of its evaluation criteria to the contribution made by the contractor to the local economy.
“This places local business in a prime position to realise the benefits of being on the Sunshine Coast, which in turn flows into our community,” Cr Thompson said.
“We have 4852 subscribers on our tender alert system and we structure our contracting into smaller packages to allow the local micro-businesses to compete.
“There will be times when businesses outside the region will be awarded contracts. That is to be expected in the commercial world and we always have to be conscious of value for money for our ratepayers.”