Living Smart homes make big savings
  • Monday 09 March 2009

Residents are saving hundreds of dollars and helping to save the environment by following council’s online, Living Smart Homes program.

Since the program started in 2007, the 350 participating households have saved an estimated 325 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, the equivalent of taking 72 cars off the road for a year.

Project Coordinator Joanna Ferris said residents could drastically reduce their regular bills, by joining the program.

“I recently received an email from a gentleman who had saved over $100 on his quarterly electricity bill by being a living smart home - that’s a great result, especially in these difficult times.”

“The beauty of the homes program is the specific data and savings it provides for your own home. For example, when you enter your power usage into a calculator, it will tell you how much you can save by changing all your light bulbs or adding a ‘no junk mail’ sign,” Ms Ferris said.

Local information sessions are bringing the online program to towns across the Coast. The most recent session in Caloundra drew a crowd of 100 and saw 16 new homes sign up. Council hopes to reach a target of 500 households by mid 2009.

The sessions show residents what sustainable living activities are available in their area, and how to save money by reducing their CO2 emissions.

Caloundra resident Anne Wensly said she was very impressed with the Living Smart Caloundra evening, and applauded the ideas and enthusiasm of the group.

“It was one of the most positive and grass root /ground up Council meetings I’ve ever attended, and I’ve been to a few,” Ms Wensly said.

Soon, every town will have the chance to build their own living smart community on the coast. Council will celebrate community successes with the Living Smart Awards on June 5, World Environment Day.