Lifeguards set to sizzle on cooking show
  • Wednesday 04 March 2009

LifeStyle Channel food show “4 Ingredients” is filming Sunshine Coast Council Lifeguards in action at the Twilight Lifeguard Challenge on 6 March at 5.00 until 6.15pm.

Four lifeguard teams will compete in the first internal Sunshine Coast Council Twilight Challenge since amalgamation with the friendly rivalry being filmed by The LifeStyle Channel.

Sunshine Coast Council Chief Lifeguard, Heath Collie said the outstanding lifeguard teams will battle it out for the Sunshine Coast Lifeguard Twilight Challenge Cup.

“This competition is a great demonstration of the council’s depth and quality of lifeguards across the region and how they compliment one another as a team,” Mr Collie said.

“It’s great The LifeStyle Channel is appreciating the importance of council’s professional lifeguard service across the Coast in the lives of local residents.”

Local authors of 4 Ingredients, Rachael Bermingham and Kim McCosker host a cooking show on the LifeStyle Channel (a new series to be released in May) and wanted to capture the Sunshine Coast environment and culture.

“What could be more perfect to express the “flavour” of the Coast lifestyle than an attractive lifeguard competition on magnificent Mooloolaba beach as the sun sets?” Mrs McCosker said.

Mr Collie said some of the Coast’s finest ocean athletes will be competing, including; Corey Jones, Rhys Drury, Dylan Newbiggin, Beau Farrell, Isaac Smith, Allira Richardson and Shane Watson.

“Council is extremely proud of the work these lifeguards do and wants to show the community these skills,” he said.

The Marlins, Dolphins, Sharks and Barracuda will compete in events such as board rescue, swim and board teams and the six person lifeguard relay.

The Sunshine Coast Council Twilight Lifeguard Challenge starts at 5:00 and goes until 6:15pm near the Mooloolaba Loo with a View.

For pre-publicity of the event, the media are invited to attend a photograph opportunity with the elite lifeguards on Thursday 5 March 12pm at Mooloolaba Beach Tower.