Lexus sales cruising on the Boulevard
  • Thursday 01 September 2011

Setting up shop on Maroochy Boulevard late last year was a natural fit for luxury car brand, Lexus.

The company could see the demographics emerging from all the activity around the boulevard and the Sunshine Cove precinct – and just had to be in on it.

The luxury marque’s arrival, adjacent to rival Mercedes-Benz, was just what Sunshine Coast Council was looking for, too.

Division 4 Councillor Chris Thompson said upmarket car brands wanted to be part of one of the most exciting entry statements available to a city centre.

"It’s no surprise really that Lexus made this decision," he said.

"The boulevard is becoming home to a large number of new residents whose demographic indicates they are looking for quality in their lifestyles."

Lexus Group General Manager, Julian Mason, said the company could easily envision the boulevard and surrounds’ great future and the diversity of housing, lifestyle areas such as parks and cafes and a good mix of retailers.

"We are very confident with the future plans for the Sunshine Cove precinct," he said.

"It is already a high traffic area and with businesses like Harvey Norman under development as well as a large number of future residential sites, this will obviously grow considerably so it was a no-brainer for us.

"We are grateful to secure the position that we did."

Mr Mason said he saw Maroochy Boulevard as an extension of Maroochydore CBD and was confident about its future.

"It will be a real go-to retail hub for the Sunshine Coast and we are really enjoying being there. You can read all the doom-and-gloom in the papers, but out of that dealership business has been very strong on the back of some recently launched models," he said.