Levy to benefit Brightwater estate
  • Thursday 25 September 2008

Sunshine Coast Council’s Regional Strategy and Planning Committee today supported a recommendation to begin the investigative work required to introduce a Benefited Area Rate (BAR) for the Bundilla Master Planned Community, now known as Brightwater.

The recommendation to support the BAR, which was first mooted in 2003, at the time the master plan was approved, to provide an increased level of service for public areas within the estate, will now be considered at next week’s ordinary meeting.

Director (Central) Regional Strategy and Planning, Julie Edwards, said an early decision about the BAR would ensure that intending property owners are aware of the special rate before buying into the estate.

“Home sites in the first stages of Brightwater that could be covered by a levy are likely to be on the market this financial year.

“Once the estate is sold its parks, waterside walkways and roadways will no longer be maintained by the developer, making a decision on the levy necessary,” Ms Edwards said.

“However a BAR can only be adopted by Council when they adopt the annual budget.

“As lot of work is required to scope and decide the levy details to meet the March 09 budget deadline, it is necessary to make a start as soon as possible.

“If Council approves the BAR, any lots created for sale will carry a property notation advising potential purchasers of an additional levy over and above the land’s standard Property Rates, ensuring buyers know of the costs of land ownership in a master planned area.”

As the site of the Bundilla development has a public water body, provision has been made for a large “sinking fund” to recirculate and maintain this body of water as the BAR is not intended to cover this cost.

The Ordinary meeting will be held at council’s Tewantin office on Thursday 2 October.