Kids get surreal
  • Wednesday 31 August 2011

Surrealism for Kids on Tour is an interactive, free and fun exhibition for children and families presented by Sunshine Coast Council’s, Noosa Regional Gallery and Caloundra Regional Gallery on Saturday 24 September.

The tour features seven different activities based on games played by the surrealist artists.

The games involve chance, word play and picture-making that was used by the surrealist artists as a creative way of stimulating their imaginations.

The projects have been developed to offer children and families insight into how some of the most powerful and imaginative art of the twentieth century was created. Surrealism for Kids on Tour includes an activity inspired by the strange and mysterious collages of Max Ernst, a torn-paper activity inspired by the work of Jean Arp and a sculpture-making activity inspired by Marcel Duchamp.

The tour is part of the Gallery of Modern Art’s major exhibition Surrealism: the Poetry of Dreams.

52 regional galleries, art centres, hospitals, libraries and schools host the activities simultaneously as part of the Children Art Centre’s exhibition Surrealism for Kids.

Surrealism for Kids on Tour is on at the Noosa Regional Gallery from 11am to 2pm and the Caloundra Regional Gallery from 10.30am to 12.30pm on Saturday 24 September 2011.

Surrealism for Kids on Tour is a regional program of the Queensland Art Gallery, proudly supported by the Tim Fairfax Family Foundation. The Children’s Art Centre is sponsored by Santos.