Join the Trail, make a sale!
  • Thursday 22 August 2013

Are you ready to turn your clutter into cash?

Every year Sunshine Coast residents take clothes, household and electrical items, sports equipment and toys by the trailer load to local tips. But there’s an alternative – The National Garage Sale Trail on October 26.

Environment Portfolio Councillor Tony Wellington said Sunshine Coast Council was again supporting the National Garage Sale Trail, that had established itself as Australia’s largest and most successful community-based marketplace.

“Last year’s event involved more than 150,000 participants across Australia, including 7,514 registered garage sellers. That resulted in over 600,000 items being redistributed, much of which may have ended up in landfill,” he said.

Participants made an average of $400 and averaged six new neighbourly connections.

Sunshine Coast Council Senior Citizen of the Year Esma Armstrong (OAM) and Citizen of the year Gary Church are both local ambassadors for this year’s National Garage Sale Trail.

Mrs Armstrong, who has been a Landcare representative since 1990, said the event was a major positive for participants and our local environment.

“This is a terrific way for people to spring clean their homes before summer, earn some pocket money, connect with their neighbours and reduce the amount of items that end up in local landfills,” she said.

“As someone who cares deeply about our environment and loves a bargain, I’m really looking forward to getting involved in this great event on October 26.”

Mr Chruch, a founding member and president of Road Trauma Services Queensland, said the National Garage Sale Trail provided a unique opportunity to strengthen community relationships.

“There are a lot of great environmental aspects to this event and the social interaction between garage sale holders and their customers is another very exciting and beneficial part of the Garage Sale Trail,” he said.

“It’s about cleaning out your living space, cleaning up your environment and also strengthening local communities by getting to know the people who live in your neighbourhood.”

It’s free to register for the National Garage Sale Trail, for more information visit Garage Sale website.