It’s time to contain your cat, or risk unwanted kittens
  • Friday 23 August 2019
responsible cat ownership, microchip

With the start of the cat breeding season upon us, Sunshine Coast Council is calling on all cat owners to make sure their cats are contained to their properties.

Council’s Coordinator Response Services Tanya Esser said there had been a substantial increase in the number of cats impounded in the past week.

“Last week we had 19 cats come to the pound and alarmingly, two were pregnant and only two had microchips and were able to be reunited with their owners,” Ms Esser said.

“Unfortunately at this time of year, we often receive cats at the pound that are carrying litters and, had they not been taken to the pound, they have the potential to become feral and have a significant impact on native wildlife.”

Community Programs Portfolio Councillor Jenny McKay said it was imperative for cat owners to do the right thing.

“When a cat becomes part of your family you become responsible for its health, welfare and the impact it has on your surrounding community,” Cr McKay said.

“I urge all cat owners to ensure their cats are registered, microchipped and contained on their properties.”

Your cat is your responsibility.

Responsible cat ownership means registering your cat with council each year, making sure your cat is microchipped and keeping your cat contained at all times.

Lifetime cat registration is available for only $81 for cats that have been de-sexed and microchipped.

Microchipping your cat is the best way to ensure it can be returned to you if it is found roaming.

Council officers who collect a wandering cat will do their best to return it home in the first instance, however too many cats are not microchipped and this often means they have to go to the pound to wait for their owner.

While de-sexing your cat is not compulsory, it will help to reduce unwanted litters.

Is your cat missing? View the list of cats currently at the Sippy Creek Animal Pound:

Cats are not allowed to roam off your property, so this may mean you need to adjust your fencing or build a cat enclosure if you want your cat to exercise outside.

If your cat is found wandering from your property you may receive a fine of $266, and if your cat is impounded, you may face an impound fee of $252 as well as daily care and sustenance fees.