It took 18 years to happen, but now I’m finally home
  • Wednesday 18 March 2015

More than 250 Coast residents will celebrate an important milestone in their lives when they become our newest Australian Citizens on Harmony Day.

The group will take part in the Sunshine Coast Council’s citizenship ceremony at Lake Kawana Community Centre on Friday at 1.30pm.

One recipient who is looking forward to becoming an Australian citizen is Adam Roth, originally from the USA and now residing in Mountain Creek.

Adam first visited Australia when he was 14 and spent three weeks travelling across the country as part of the "People to People" student travel program.

Arriving in Sydney, Adam travelled along Australia's eastern coastline, eventually reaching Cairns.

Adam said what struck him the most was the vast, pristine stretches of untouched nature that seemed to be everywhere.

“Particularly once we reached Queensland and started hiking through rainforests, camping in the outback, and visiting places like Fraser Island and the Great Barrier Reef,” he said.

“The time I spent in Australia was brief, but the memories stuck with me through my adolescence and on into adulthood.”

Back in the States, Adam dedicated years to study, successfully completing a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science at the Hawaii Pacific University, hoping the island lifestyle would allow him to recapture the same sort of magic he had experienced in Australia.

He then went on to graduate with a Masters Degree in Computer Science at New Mexico Tech.

Adam said he migrated to Australia with his wife Allison in early 2010 and they have never looked back.

“We used Google Maps to identify areas that looked like they had good beaches and were within easy reach of a major city, and we agreed that Kawana Waters on Queensland's Sunshine Coast would fit the bill,” he said.

“I have lived in 10 US states and visited at least 14 others and none of them have ever felt like home.

"I can't think of a single one that appeals to me more as a place of permanent residence than Australia.

“I'm extremely grateful that my fellow Australians recognise the unique and precious things that we have here, and are serious about preserving them for generations to come.

“Citizenship is just the logical conclusion to a dream that began nearly 18 years ago.

"It took a long time to make it happen, but now I'm finally home.”

Adam is employed in the IT industry, where he works as Head of Software Development and IT for Inspection Toolbox, an Australian company headquartered in Perth.

Australian Citizenship Ceremonies on the Sunshine Coast are held bi-monthly in locations across the region.

Visit council’s website for further information on Australian Citizenship Ceremonies.

Picture: Adam Roth with his wife Allison