Increasing the life of landfill
  • Wednesday 04 November 2009

Sunshine Coast Council has recently changed the layout at the Nambour resource recovery centre (RRC) to increase the life of the existing landfill by several years.

Waste and Resources manager Wayne Schafer said that a large area, which until recently was used for recyclables, has been returned to its original use as landfill.

“We’ve moved the recycling area to a temporary position closer to the weighbridge at the Nambour facility,” Mr Schafer said.

“The temporary area is around half the size of the previous RRC and can only cope with small trailer and car loads.

“We need to find ways to accommodate additional landfill and it makes sense to make the best use of areas which are already zoned for that purpose.

“We are encouraging large commercial users to take their loads to the Buderim resource recovery centre in Syd Lyngard Drive.

“Council has contacted all the commercial users currently listed, and staff are advising users of the changes as they enter the Nambour facility.

“Those with car loads and box trailers will simply need to go to a different area within the Nambour facility.

“Future plans include the development of additional land beside the landfill for an improved resource recovery area.

“The need for extra landfill does highlight the need for residents and businesses to reduce, reuse, recycle both at home and at work, and to segregate their recyclables at the recovery centres.

“Council will consider adoption of a new waste strategy in December. A significant community education program will follow to maximise reduction of waste to landfill and significantly improve recycling rates and reuse of valuable resources.

“Those wishing to know more or visit council waste facilities can do so during National Recycling Week, 7 – 14 November.

“We are hoping to encourage good recycling practices by showing residents what happens to their waste once it leaves their home.

“The interest in educational tours of waste facilities has been surprisingly high. If we can teach people just one thing that improves their recycling, we’re one step closer to effective management of the waste stream.

“In the next few years the new resource recovery area will be created at the Nambour centre, able to accommodate both residential and commercial recycling,” Mr Schafer said.

For details of council’s waste facilities, visit or call the customer service centre on 5475 7272.