How would you explore your creative side at Libraries?
  • Friday 30 July 2021

Sunshine Coast Council Libraries are great places to unlock your creativity and learn new skills.

Now is the time to have your say on what innovative spaces and activities you would like to experience as our Libraries plan for the future.

Community Portfolio Councillor David Law said after completing the 20 year Library Network Plan in 2019, Sunshine Coast Libraries were now developing ideas and plans for spaces to provide ongoing creative inspiration.

“We are very keen to receive the community’s feedback on the future of creative Makerspaces,” Cr Law said.

“For years, members have enjoyed learning and browsing new resources on arts, crafts, photography, music, home DIY and more.

“But imagine the possibilities to take part in and learn innovative activities with other like-minded creatives at your local library.”

Sunshine Coast Council’s Coordinator Library Services Jane Stronach said libraries were moving away from being a place of books, traditional hobbies and arts activities and becoming spaces that encouraged curiosity, inspiration, experimentation and new start-ups.

“Whether it’s digital, new tech, animation, design, audio or video production, libraries will be the places to explore and create,” Ms Stronach said.

“We want our customers to tell us what they need to be creative, particularly in the everchanging digital world.

“We want libraries to be places to learn, share, connect and collaborate, to create the unimaginable.

“Help us plan for exciting cutting-edge spaces that are accessible to emerging creatives on the Sunshine Coast.”

To have your say and share your creative ideas, visit the library website ( and take part in the Makerspace survey before Friday 20 August 2021.