Helping businesses thrive after disaster
  • Thursday 24 March 2022

Natural disasters and COVID-19 have greatly impacted our small businesses and they need all the support they can get to recover and build resilience.

That’s why Sunshine Coast Council has signed the Small Business Friendly (SBF) charter, joining a growing number of like-minded councils, pledging a commitment to communicate and engage; raise small businesses’ profile and capability; support resilience and recovery; simplify administration and regulation including reducing red tape; ensure fair procurement and prompt payment terms and promote place-based activities.  

Queensland Small Business Commissioner Maree Adshead today (March 24) co-signed the SBF charter with Member for Caloundra Jason Hunt and Sunshine Coast Council Mayor Mark Jamieson.

Mayor Jamieson said small businesses were integral to the region’s prosperity and a major employer within our local communities.

“They help shape our communities and business centres and are the economic backbone of our region,” Mayor Jamieson said.

“I am incredibly proud to be putting pen to paper to signal to everyone that Sunshine Coast Council is unwavering in our ongoing support for small business.

“We are committed to keeping small business front-of-mind during our decision making for the benefit of our entire healthy, smart and creative community.

“This pledge adds to a range of initiatives we’ve undertaken to ensure local business on the Sunshine Coast is well supported to thrive, employ and prosper.

“Signing the Small Business Friendly Charter is another demonstration of the collaborative approach our region is so well known for.

“Council is committed to working with chambers of commerce, industry groups and all levels of government to support the fabric of our business community.” 

Ms Adshead said co-signing the charter marked a commitment to a collaborative journey between all parties to help the local small business community thrive.

The signing of this charter marks a commitment to a journey to ensure all local businesses have the help they need to continue to grow, employ and prosper,” Ms Adshead said.

“I look forward to working together with council and all the local business groups to support and grow small businesses on the Sunshine Coast.”

The Commissioner said the Small Business Friendly program aimed to build a community of like-minded people who wanted to ensure their small business community was flourishing.

“When a council joins the SBF family they learn what other organisations are doing to support their small business community,” she said.

“We facilitate a network of collaboration, showcase small business friendly activities and support a variety of communities of practice – all of which are helping our SBF family to share their experience and learnings, and to fortify their connections.

Congratulations to the Sunshine Coast Council for signing the charter and for joining this growing family of like-minded councils committed to working with us, and with each other to benefit small business.”

Minister for Employment and Small Business Di Farmer welcomed the Sunshine Coast Council to the growing list of councils that had joined the program.

“Small businesses are the heart and hubs of our local communities and are crucial to our $14.5 billion COVID-19 Economic Recovery Plan,” Minister Farmer said.

“They are our families, our friends, our neighbours and they keep our communities strong.

“When an organisation joins the Small Business Friendly family, they are pledging their commitment to support small businesses in their communities and help the local economy thrive.”

Mayor Jamieson said signing the charter aligned with council’s Regional Economic Development Strategy (REDS) 2013-2033, a vision and blueprint for sustainable economic growth.

There are 30 SBF organisations across Queensland. Find out more about the Small Business Friendly program at or by phoning 1300 312 344.