Hear ye, hear ye! Community celebrates Yandina’s 150th anniversary
  • Tuesday 22 September 2020
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History will be made today as the township of Yandina not only celebrates150 years since the proclamation of Yandina as a Township Reserve but will also mark the occasion with the sealing of a time capsule. 

Community groups and local businesses will gather to celebrate one of the oldest towns on the Sunshine Coast and pay tribute at a commemorative plaque that will be unveiled today.

Division 10 Councillor David Law said he was pleased to see Yandina had retained its cultural heritage and character.

“Congratulations to all past and present residents of this great town that has a very bright future,” Cr Law said.

“Yandina is a very popular part of the Sunshine Coast and has many wonderful attractions for visitors to enjoy.”

Yandina Chamber of Commerce President John O'Leary said it wasn’t often people got to celebrate a 150-year milestone.

“It’s really something special. Yandina was the first gazetted town [for the Maroochy district],” Mr O’Leary said.

“We call it the original workers’ town because that’s where all the railway, cattle, dairy and sugar were, and all things that workers needed.

“It’s still retained its character with the pub, historic buildings and quirky businesses including antique shops, art stores and vintage clothing. It really has a great village vibe to it.”

The Yandina Chamber of Commerce has been working closely with North Arm and Yandina State School to put items in the time capsule.

“They contributed some great items including the joke of the day, games they play and what they see when they walk out of their houses,” Mr O’Leary said.

“We put USBs with photos in there and also re-enacted photos of people standing in front of their shop-fronts and businesses today.”

They will display the time capsule throughout Yandina until the end of the year.

The commemorative plaque will be displayed within the Cenotaph (Railway Street park) on a large rock sourced from Mount Ninderry.  

For more information visit www.yandinachamberofcommerce.com.au and www.yandinahistorichouse.com.au   


In 1870 Yandina was surveyed by Charles Warner making it the first gazetted town in the Maroochy district. It was from the ranks of the early timber getters that the first selectors came. James Low, an important businessman, operated the timber rafting ground from opposite Dunethin Rock when gold was discovered in Gympie. In 1867 he cleared a dray road from his depot to the goldfields passing through what is now Yandina district. In 1868, legislation was passed allowing land selection in settled districts. Low secured the first selection in Yandina.

In 1868, Cobb and Co delivered the mail by coach to Yandina Receiving Office located at James Low’s selection at the ford of the Maroochy River. On 6 July, 1868 James Low was appointed in charge of the postal depot. He remained in this position until his death in 1883. Christina Low continued on with the postal depot until 1891. Christina was born in Scotland and arrived with her parents in 1848. She had married James Low in 1863 becoming the first European woman to settle on the Sunshine Coast.

At the time, Surveyor William Fryar penned a report to the Surveyor General dated August 11, 1870. It refers to the site he deemed suitable for a town or village where Yandina stands today.

“…The site is about half way between Caboolture (where a village settlement appears to be forming) and Gympie, and an inn, Police Camp and Post Office are already established adjoining it.

It is about 74 miles from Brisbane and 46 from Gympie and a considerable population is already settled in the neighbourhood. The land being well adapted for settlement.”

Source: Sunshine Coast Heritage Library.


Image: Picture Sunshine Coast.