Healthy chemistry exhibition sure to intrigue at Cooroy Library
  • Thursday 19 September 2013

A travelling exhibition brought to you by The Royal Australian Chemical Institute entitled Healthy chemistry will be on display at Sunshine Coast Council’s Cooroy Library from 3 to 31 October 2013.

This exhibition explores the theme of being healthy is a matter of good chemistry. A myriad of simple and complex chemicals can interact and react within your body constantly. To remain in balance you need food, water and oxygen from air to replenish the chemicals your body transforms, uses and then loses in everyday life.

The Healthy chemistry exhibition will satisfy even the most inquisitive mind with a range of interesting topics covering:

  • Butterfly inspires a treatment – development of the cancer medication Alimta®
  • A cancer cure that’s just for you – personalised medicine is based on your genetic makeup; for instance the breast cancer treatment Herceptin®
  • Can robots cure cancer? – how robotic drug screening speeds up development of personalised cancer treatments
  • Beyond the silver nano-bullet – nanoparticles have many current uses; new types are being developed to kill cancer cells
  • Better nano-safe than mega-sorry – the new study of nanotoxicology assesses safety of new nanoparticle products
  • Healthy food is the best medicine – sometimes a good diet, low in cholesterol, is the best way back to health
  • The silent assassin – tuberculosis infections are more effectively detected by using a new simple blood test
  • Targeting nature’s killer viruses – the killer virus influenza and Relenza™ and Inavir®, the new drugs that stop it.

The Healthy chemistry travelling exhibition is sponsored by the Inspiring Australia program of the Department of Innovation, Industry, Science, Research and Tertiary Education– Questacon.

For full details visit council’s library website or call the Cooroy Library on 1300 LIBRARY (1300 542727).