Health benefits of sustainable transport choices
  • Tuesday 10 August 2010

The Transport Community Group was today (10 August 2010) given an insight into the factors that impact travel behaviour, theories used to change that behaviour and the link to healthy lifestyles.

Integrated Transport Portfolio holder and chair of the Sunshine Coast Transport Community Group (TCG), Vivien Griffin said that choosing a sustainable transport option is not only good for the environment, but ultimately good for a person’s health.

“At the presentation today, the group looked at behaviour change and the wide range of factors that impact travel behaviour,” Cr Griffin said.

“Those include not only individual or personal factors, but also broader environmental and social factors, such as access to supportive infrastructure, social norms and public policy.

“In order to change travel behaviours we have to address these factors by taking a multi-level approach that not only focuses on raising awareness and knowledge of individuals but also addresses social, physical and political environments.

“There is also evidence to show that people who use public transport are more physically active.

“So behaviour change is not just about getting people to use public transport in their everyday lives, but encouraging them to use active transport modes such as walking and cycling to get them from point A to B to ultimately lead a more healthy lifestyle.

“The presentation also touched on the range of theories that can underpin any program to influence travel behaviour change, such as the social learning theory that is focused on the relationship between people their behaviour and their environment.”