Have your say on proposed local law changes
  • Tuesday 05 February 2019

Council is reviewing local laws which govern verge gardens, real estate signage, permissible fires, high risk activities for works on a road and dog off leash areas – and is inviting the community to have its say.

Governance and Customer Service Portfolio Councillor Ted Hungerford said local laws are statutory instruments of law which provide for the good governance of the many diverse communities within the Sunshine Coast region.

“The proposed local law contains a number of amendments, including a new framework for the management of verge gardens; provisions for permissible fires that are aligned with council’s Planning Scheme; greater clarity and flexibility for short-term placement of real estate signage; increased public liability for high-risk activities for road works; and a number of newly established dog off-leash areas as well as minor changes to existing dog off-leash areas, Cr Hungerford said.” 

The community consultation period for the council’s proposed local law changes will occur from February 1 until March 3, 2019 (31 days).

“This will involve targeted consultation with local parties who are affected by these proposed local law amendments as well as opportunities for local community members to provide written feedback on council’s ‘have your say’ webpage and public notifications,” Cr Hungerford said.

“Council encourages all Sunshine Coast residents to have a say on these proposed local law changes. You can find out more about these proposed local law changes  and submit your feedback via council’s website  or call 54757272 for more information.”

Council also resolved at today’s Ordinary Meeting to consolidate the recent parking local law amendments into one comprehensive local laws suite from 13 September 2018. The consolidated version will include Council’s Local Law No.5 (Parking) 2011, Subordinate Local Law No.5 (Parking) 2011, with the declaration of new off-street regulated parking areas in the Mooloolaba precinct. The purpose and intent of this consolidation is to provide the community with a comprehensive and readable suite of parking local laws. The endorsed consolidated version does not include any new material not previously considered or adopted by council.